• VAg inc architects & planners

    …contribute to the quality of growth of our profession within a thriving studio atmosphere inspired by and motivated by design and technical standards of excellence…dedicate the energy to explore the questions required to move from the acceptable to the extraordinary.

  • Philosophy & Roots

    VAg, Inc. Architects & Planners is a thriving team-structured professional corporation providing comprehensive architectural, planning, and interior design services focused on resort architecture. Founded in Vail Colorado in 1996 by architects Brian Judge and Anne Gunion, the VAg studio team began with large-scale residential design. Since then, the firm has grown to include professionals encompassing four divisions: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Land Planning.

    With current projects across the nation, VAg’s design philosophy centers on the belief that good design enables a community and sustains its economic vitality. VAg’s success is based on the vision of bringing client’s dreams to reality. Service, attention to detail, and communication are the backbone of the firm.

    The complexities of residential architecture and planning are a microcosm of VAg’s work, from incorporation of cutting-edge technology to up-to-the-minute knowledge of local building codes. VAg continually hones its integrated approach to architecture and the building industry. Exemplary is the firm’s leadership in LEED certification of its projects where possible, promoting sustainable green design throughout the industry. Similarly, the VAg staff pride themselves on environmental awareness, with considerations of climate, topography, and natural resources, all key aspects of design development.

    VAg maintains a state-of-the-art computer information technology infrastructure while utilizing the latest software from Microsoft, Autodesk, Adobe and many other vendors to streamline our design intent, communication, and collaboration. In particular VAg utilizes Autodesk AutoCAD products to produce accurate design and, contract documentation in a timely and budget oriented manner and, convey design ideas with 3D design visualization through the use of Autodesk 3D Studio and ESRI ArcGIS for a complete solution of communication, collaboration and presentation. Also utilized, is the Adobe family of products to create effective marketing and presentation materials for any size or type of project. VAg utilizes Email, FTP, World Wide Web and VPN to mainstream communication, collaboration and presentation between themselves, clients, contractors and suppliers for a complete I/T infrastructure solution.

    With a VAg Principal and one senior project architect personally leading each design and project management team, the firm constantly monitors the current workload to assure excellent administration and documentation of every aspect and practice.

    Finally, VAg’s award winning designs are timeless, classic, and inspired by indigenous materials and cost effective parameters. We delight in the relationship between natural light, space, and proportion. We embrace the spirit of new technology alongside historic precedent. We are dedicated to exploring innovative solutions that move a project from the remarkable to the extraordinary.